• Illustration

    My illustrations are always 100% hand-drawn, with my favorite materials consisting of pen & ink, watercolor, and my iPad.

  • Pattern Design

    I love creating interesting patterns that tell a story. When detailed motifs join moody color palettes, I'm a happy lady.

  • Shop

    Whimsical designs meet exceptional quality through the curated selection of products I am proud to offer for sale.

Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Hanna Kamienski and I'm so excited you're here. I create repeating patterns with hand-drawn motifs, and draw illustrations inspired by nature and the whimsy found in the everyday.

While I've always been an artist, I've only recently begun sharing my art with the world in the past couple years, so it means a lot to me that my work caught your eye! Follow along on Instagram here!

The happy little grey dog you see in the picture is Rufus, my best friend and (you guessed it) the namesake behind RebelRu Studio.

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